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What Each Feelings Spread Does?

Feelings tarot spreads show how a person in question feels.

Definition of each is given below.

  1. Analyze the date event: Answers how a date with someone will go.

  2. Mirror Mirror: Great for finding out how a specific person sees you.

  3. Minutes in Love: This is for hourly reading about a person's feelings. The outcome must be assigned with minutes or hours. It is designed for one day only.

  4. Love and the Lover: Looks into what kind of love is suitable for you.

  5. Soulmate Finder: Peeps into the person made for you.

  6. Life as a Single Versus Taken: Shows scenarios related to how your life would be like if you date or don't date.

  7. Zodiac Signs and You: Showing how compatible you are with each zodiac sign.

  8. Love Compatibility: Shows whether the emotions of the partners are compatible.

  9. Evolution of their or your feelings: Analyzes how feelings of a person change overtime.


What Each Relationship Spread Does?

Relationship spreads look into as you guessed relationship topics! Not committed?

That's not a problem. The spreads can also be used for the admired person.

  1. Four elements in the Relationship: It detects the flow of air, water, fire and earth in the relationship.

  2. Bringers to their Relationship: It tells what two lovers offer in the relationship.

  3. To leave or not to leave: It presents the two paths pertaining to breakup.

  4. Passion Fruit: This spread is for knowing the degree of passion.

  5. 5 Major Events to Influence the Relationship: It unveils 5 events which influence the couple.

  6. 12 months Forecast for a Relationship: Showing monthly condition of a relationship.

  7. Relationship Compatibility: It evaluates various aspects of a relationship that make a couple compatible or incompatible.

  8. Relationship Pivotalia: It looks into conflicts experienced in a relationship.


What Each Traditional Spread Does?

Traditional spreads are those that are generally used by Tarot readers.

They can be used for any kind of questions. But here at Olosera, they speak about love and relationships mainly.

  1. One Card: It can be used in any way one wants. It is best for understanding other cards found in already done reading.

  2. Two Cards: This is same as one card spread. Its purpose is to show how the general view is connected to the root of the issue being questioned.

  3. Past, Present and Future: This is one of the most popular spreads used by tarot readers. It is good for beginners also. Past, Present and Future spread can be used for any topics including yes or no questions.

  4. Four Card Spread: This is the expanded version of the above three card spread. Its fourth card gives the outcome.

  5. Ellipse: Sometimes known as Seven cards Tarot spread, Ellipse is used to get answers for direct/specific questions or for knowing how something you want to do will go.

  6. Celtic Cross: This is the oldest spread alive and still very popular due to the amount of details it gives about a situation. It is used for specific questions. However, experiment shows the spread can handle broader questions also.

  7. Magic Seven: This also goes by the name Solomon's seal. It shows how to solve a problem. The idea is that the seal is being used to get to the solution.

  8. Mandala:This spread surveys one's spiritual map. It usually can go without any questions.

  9. Horseshoe with 5 Cards: This one answers basic questions. It is great for using to understand what you already have in your current reading.

  10. Tree of Life: Reading for Tree of Life begins from the last card #10. The spread unfolds one's situation and purpose in life.



What are the system requirements?

To do a reading at Olosera, you must have javascript enabled on your system. On your phone, the reading pages may look out of proper width. No worries. They are kept this way intentionally so that people can do the readings on a wide variety of phone screens.

How to do the reading?

This is explained on each page. Still you may find this video helpful:

Is there a way to get more details for each card?

Yes. All cards have details found at Priania. Olosera is its sister site.

What is the meaning of Olosera?

Olosera is a word taken from the language of Zimbabwe. In English, it means abundance.

Why call this site Olosera?

It is a secret way to wish all site visitors lots of abundance in their lives. Names have energy that influences us.

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