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Relationship Tarot Reading

Relationship tarot spreads are designed for couples. Some of them may help detect feelings also. Others take into account real life psychology of relationships.

To begin the reading, choose one of the spreads from the cocktail sunset menu below, focus on your question and hit "Shuffle and Lay the Cards" button.When cards show up flip them one by one to reveal the reading. Repeat the steps for any next reading you want. Cards will do their own shuffling. You do not need to do anything manually.

If you are unsure about which reading you want click the details list to get definition of each spread.
Four elements in the Relationship: It detects the flow of air, water, fire and earth in the relationship.
Bringers to their Relationship: It tells what two lovers offer in the relationship.
To leave or not to leave: It presents the two paths pertaining to breakup.
Passion Fruit: This spread is for knowing the degree of passion.
5 Major Events to Influence the Relationship: It unveils 5 events which influence the couple.
12 months Forecast for a Relationship: Showing monthly condition of a relationship.
Relationship Compatibility: It evaluates various aspects of a relationship that make a couple compatible or incompatible.
Relationship Pivotalia: It looks into conflicts experienced in a relationship.